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Zoo Commander

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 Zoo Commander


Roar with the lions, swing with the Monkeys and leap with the dolphins. This unit is perfect for your little toddler to play with the animals. It is a completely enclosed inflatable play yard to keep your little ones safe while they're having fun. It features an exciting mini-slide, spacious open bounce area, maze-like pathways with obstacles, and a sectioned play area in the back. Safety netting over the slides will ensure your little ones slide correctly and safely. Parents can view their kids playing from the front or either side which feature multiple windows. Great for ages up to 7 years old. 

    • Fits up to 8 kids
    • Large Bounce Area
    • Safety Mats Around Entrance/Exit 
    • Cleaned & Sanitized
    • Must Be Set Up Within 75' of Power Source
    • Flat Surface Required
    • Properly Anchored With Stakes or Sand Bags
    •  - Customer Pick Up

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